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This weekend I decided to try out YouVersion’s Live Events for the launch of the latest teaching series at Rancho Community Church. For those who don’t know what YouVersion is, it’s a great online version of the Bible for various devices (computers, mobile devices, iPads, etc.). Developed and supported by, this is the top Bible App for iPhones, Blackberry”s, and Androids. To download it for free, just search for “Bible” in your app store – or just use the web version at

Not only does YouVersion provide a great user interface for reading the Bible online and on mobile devices – it also includes:

  • Multiple reading programs
  • The ability to tag, bookmark, link & share scripture (via YouVersion community, Twitter & Facebook)
  • Live Event” section for, well, following along to “Live” events (such as worship services)

I’ve been wanting to test out the “Live Event” section for some time, so this weekend I got the Keynote from our lead pastor and input all the info on the admin side and pushed out the live event. What exactly does that mean? It means that:

  • Anyone who visits Rancho Community’s YouVersion page can follow along online (not much use right now, but if we begin streaming live it will become a powerful tool).
  • Anyone who has a mobile device with YouVersion installed can visit our “Live Event” and follow along on their device. (Again, let me say that YouVersion is available for FREE).

And what do I mean by “follow along”?

  • All the announcements & online links displayed right on the user’s screen.
  • A “Share” section where users can share the event via Facebook & Twitter.
  • All the scripture references are displayed right on the screen.
  • A “Prayer Request” section where users can share requests confidentially.
  • Any additional links you want to push out.
  • The ability to post a “Question” and receive answers*.
  • The ability to publish a “Poll” and receive the results.

*We had three users comment this weekend alone to the question: “What did you think of using YouVersion?”

  • Love, love, love it!!!!
  • Church needs a public wifi access point for connection as AT
  • I love it!

**And on our Facebook page, we had a few comments, I liked this one:

  • I have been wanting to use my NIV bible on my iPhone in church, but was always afraid people around me thinking I am texting instead of listening to Pastor Scott. Now that we have this I can use my iPhone without fear of persecution! Great job Rancho! (kidding about the persecution)

So users get an interactive experience on their mobile devices (or computers) while attending services, or wherever they are. Pretty cool, and another way to reach people, engage them, and meet them where they are. I see the potential for this tool only growing more and more.

This all only took me about an hour to setup, and now that I’ve done it once, it should only take about 15 minutes or so a week, and did I mention that it’s FREE?

To see what the event looked like go here. To visit Rancho Community’s YouVersion page, go here.

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  2. Terry Foss

    Hey, thanks for sharing. How do I start using this for my own church? Where’s the link on the youversion page to set it up?

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