XP Joys

So, you now know that I am officially the executive pastor at LifeChurch. It sounds pretty impressive but all that really means is that now I get to solve everybody’s problems, especially on the weekends. Here’s a little recap of today (I think we’ll have a little worship confessional up too this week).

The biggest problem of today was that our baptismal/spa didn’t heat up like it was supposed to and we had baptisms scheduled for this morning. Oh yeah, and it was raining outside – for some of you yer like, whatever, but this is southern California and life stops when it rains. So here’s a little pictorial of how we solved the problem.


First we emptied about 1/4 of the cold water out of it.


Then I found a hose to run hot water from the building into the spa.


Here’s where we ran the hose from, all the way down the hall, into the youth room and outside to the spa. The catch? Our hot water heater only sent about 5-6 minutes worth of hot water before it ran cold. So we played a little game of filling, then waiting for about 2 hours. Luckily the water ended up being lukewarm for the baptisms after our 11:00am service.

I also ended up fixing our main worship computer, which was not sending a dual screen signal, fixing our staff printing computer, which was not sending print jobs, and welcoming Gary Benedict, the president of our denomination, the Christian & Missionary Alliance (Rich, you would be proud).

Here’s a picture that really warms my heart:


This was outside the youth room – I caught it as I was walking the halls. It’s so cool to see that our youth ministry values communion and that our young people are being taught the great sacrifice that was paid so that we could enter in a relationship with our creator. Kudos youth guys.

All in all it was a really good day at LifeChurch. What problems did you fix this weekend?

4 thoughts on “XP Joys

  1. Matthew Daniel

    We once had 30 people scheduled for baptism and realized the heater had quit during the service. We spent most of the service boiling water and adding it to the baptism so people wouldn’t freeze – looking back on it now, it’s hilarious!

    Oh yeah, I just remembered, at our most recent church, our Executive pastor got there 4 hours early and used outdoor turkey fryer pots to throw in hot water! What a servant!


  2. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Of course I am proud of ya!

    Now, remember, just because you are an “XP” does not mean you have reached your vista. Buy a Mac.

  3. John Woolsey

    XP, I thought this was going to be a dig on a Windows machine. Actually, I understand quite well the joys of the ‘XP’, thats my role at IC.

    How is that baptism trailer holding up? I was so pleased with it when it was done.

  4. Chris

    I fixed the problem of my niece and nephew not having met their youngest cousin yet. Good times.

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