Worship Textfessional

Well we’ve been out of the confessional loop for quite a while. Our excuse: our building. Yes we all thought that with the building we’d have more time to stay current on things like this, but as I posted, this is just not true. So I thought at the very least I’d do a Christmas confessional, text style. (and no, we’re not scared of the video!).

Today was our Christmas service and we rehearsed over a week ago for it, so this morning we weren’t really sure what was going to happen. Our plan was solid – we wanted an intimate, sing along time, heavy on the vocals. So we put out the word and we got about 7 takers, plus the band. What we ended up with was 6 vocals, 2 acoustics, bass, and keys. As far as I could tell, everything went very well, surprisingly well. We ran 2 stage monitors this morning, which was also surprisingly nice since we have been on in-ears for the past few months, it was refreshing. Karl did a great job organizing all the music and putting everything into singable keys, and leading the band. The vocals turned out great – really full sounding. I personally got quite a few compliments for the team today, I think people really enjoyed singing (or at least hearing) Christmas Carols. I personally led one song and play acoustic for the rest. I sat out of the closing song and was able to hear first hand how good it sounded this morning.

Here’s what we did:

1. Joy to the World – Alex/Choir
2. O Holy Night – Jen/Choir
3. Here I am to Worship – Karl/Choir
4. Noel – Choir
5. Closing song: Silent Night – Karl/Choir

Hope you had a great weekend – Merry Christmas!