Worship House Media Podcast #15


Well, it’s a videocast now, but whatever. Anyway, just in the middle of watching 15 and it’s great. It’s amazing what you can learn from these things. They were reviewing the Buzz Conference at National Community Church in DC. Apparently I missed one great conference.

The coolest part of the show was the interview with the lead pastor Mark Batterson. I just loved what he said! Here are some highlights:

The video screen in modern day stained glass

Blogging is the most influential part of my ministry

As the church grows larger and larger, a blog is the way I can stay accessible to everybody

Irrelevance is irreverant

The theology of our culture is music and movies

Watch the archived Buzz Conference videos here

Check out the Worship House Media podcast here


One thought on “Worship House Media Podcast #15

  1. Dale

    Thanks for the props for the videocast. We are having fun doing them and hopefully they will continue to be a relevant resource to those in ministry. Hopefully there will be more great interviews to come. Thanks for the link, I enjoy your blog.

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