Worship Environments 2

Continuing our journey through church environments, I present Pine Ridge Church in NC. They look pretty progressive from their website, and their lead pastor has a blog, big ups (yeah, I said that). I think they are a church in a box, from the pictures, but can’t be sure. I’ve always been amazed to see what people come up with when they have to set up and tear down.



Again with the scrim. Not my favorite stuff, but it does the trick, especially with some lighting. I really like the look, good crossed lighting and if you look closely you can see a couple flatscreens. The screens look nice, and I love having the drums center stage, they make an excellent silhouette, and of course lights reflect off drum hardware and cymbals so well.



I love when people do things right. This hospitality puts ours to shame!


And a little Easter Egg of sorts for you, Pastor Tadd of Pine Ridge has some more Worship Environments here!

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