7 thoughts on “Worship Confessional #3

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Hey, great confessional – it’s so vital to hear some when something does NOT go correctly … I loved the time lapse, btw – I assume you are meeting in a venue that’s not on your campus (yet)?) Dunno if you noticed, but my pastor and Associate WD also commented on our Worship Confessional that THEY WISH they’d written Marveous Light, too!

  2. alex

    I think I might have fixed the comments issue… removed a bunch of plug ins

  3. alex

    We meet in a local middle school – but we are moving into our new facility in a couple months – whoo hoo!

  4. Jay Sellers

    Just kidding. I know it works now!

    First off, get Miles his own blog and vid so we can see more than just his nose up, like that wise neighbor dude Wilson on Home Improvement.

    Secondly, after watching your groovy time lapse segment, I’ll try to never again complain about having to set up my guitars and effects before the service.

    Good job, Alex!

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