8 thoughts on “We're the Best Church Ever (Worship Confessional 20)

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Hey man,

    Welcome to the volume war. Keep in mind, MANY MANY times “it’s too loud” really means “something in the mix hurts my ears”. If you don’t have one already, get a db meter (yeah, you can even grab that at Radio Shack) and keep it on the board all the time … you don’t want to sustain peaks over 105 or so if you can help it … I know your format is pretty progressive and loud works for that – but you may want to look at frequencies, too.

    Almost 100% of the time, someone complains that it’s “too loud” … I can roll off some high mids somewhere and they’d swear I’d just turned down the volume 10db, but really the volume didn’t change at all … just the mix.

    Just my $.02


  2. vince

    Isolate those amps Karl. I’ve moved to a 5 watt head that I modded…sounds killer, and in our crappy room I can get away with it on stage.

  3. Billy Chia

    Thanks for the helpful words, as I’ve been reading about volume wars “frequencies” keeps popping up.

    Love the handle bars man. Very cool that you guys have guest worship leaders.

  4. Jay Sellers

    I’d pay a whole dollar to see a video of Karl demonstrating the destructive power of his pedalboard.

    Can the church throw $500 at the Orange Tiny Terror? That amp is an absolute tone BEAST! Plus, it is so low volume you can run it all the way open and keep the front row happy.

    ..and, no, I don’t work for Orange. However, I would take one and endorse it if they gave it to me. Ain’t no shame in my game.

  5. Karl

    Unfortunately, my amps were isolated–behind the stage, facing backwards, behind a heavy curtain, and with baffling over them. So it’s most likely not stage volume; as Fred so aptly put, it’s probably our mix. We’re working on it. 🙂

  6. jordan fowler

    You should make that guy play a POD…oh that would be sooooo wrong. As a guy who did church plants with portable systems, you’ll love the day you get array’s.
    But then worship IS more than technical achievement. It’s an achievement of the realization that through the cross, God is present and initiating His worship. But I think He likes it at about 103db.

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