10 thoughts on “Worship Confessional #2 (finally)

  1. Chris Stout

    You trying to blame the sound guy again?

  2. Victor Estrada

    I’m sorry man, that was probably just as painful for you to say as it was for me to hear.

    Mac it up brutha!!! =)

    BTW, I changed up all that link stuff finally. Let me know if I missed any.

  3. jamesmclean

    My brother is a singer! Way to bust out the Charlie Hall.

  4. Jay Sellers

    Thanks for rockin’ “You Are Good.” Jeff Deyo played a show at our church 2 weeks ago. I would have paid them to move here and lead worship. Incredible.

    Btw, just like I told Fred, I need to add some kids to my worship confessional.

  5. alex

    Jay – we had Deyo here last year and he rocked. What I really enjoyed was his band – really cool and shared tons of info with us.
    Victor – thanks and the macbook pro is on the way 😉

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