Worship Confessional 17

Here’s this weeks confessional – hope you enjoy it!

For those who just read, Karl led the team with Jen and Rose. The Band was Tim on Bass, Rob on A-guitar, Rich on Drums, Karl on E-guitar & Keys. The set was All We Need is You – Hall, Enough – Tomlin/Giglio, Ready Now – Desperation Band, How Great is Our God – Tomlin, Here I am to Worship – by I forget…

How was your weekend?

6 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 17

  1. pete

    i like the roving confessional as you chase down the different opinions on how your sunday went! i dunno if i can pull that off with my guys bein’ camera shy and all, not to mention not so hip to the whole blogging/confessional thing.

    and thanks for the 80’s flashback!

  2. Jen

    hi.. let me just clafify we DID NOT rearrange Here I Am To Worship to sound like the Cure… No way Jose.

  3. James

    “I saw three people crying in two services, so that was good”.

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

  4. Jeremy

    Sweet, get to see all your set up(tear down), looks like a load of work,your people are so energized which is great, a mobile church, ready to take on anything, never quit what you are doing, God is using your church. Keep the people energized…awesome things

    yea i Have the ministry bug, I was working at the church for a while but went into work so I could kick start my family and marriage, so everything is looking up in that aspect, Just searching for a job with not such defined hours haha , if thats possible, anyways, great confessional, love the random moving around and keep it up!

  5. Billy Chia

    I’m not a big numbers kid but 24 people coming to Christ freaking rocks!

    The vid looks nice this week in terms of compression. Did you use some different kinda compression?

    Maybe that’s just the quality you get with a $2500 camera.

  6. alex

    I used my macbook pro and compressed it as a .mov file, I think before I was compressing as a .mp4 file

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