6 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 16

  1. Matthew

    We’re a portable church – we start setup at 6AM on Sunday mornings, rehearsal at 8AM, Service at 10AM, and tear down at 11:20AM. We meet in movie theaters. We just moved into the theaters from the YMCA, where we did Saturday night setup at 7PM and started rehearsal the next morning at 7AM. It usually takes me at least a day to recuperate.

  2. James

    Funny…I misplaced my E3’s this Sunday as well and wasted a decent amount of time trying to find them.

    I’d love to get together for lunch or coffee. Corona is easy to get to, and I’m all about the local worship leader network. Email me and we’ll set something up.

  3. Steve Eller

    Here is my “Kommentare”: Yes, we setup in a high school each week. I get there around 7:20am, with soundcheck at 8a, services at 9:00 & 10:30, and it ALWAYS an adventure. I am always amazed that with all the stuff we have to deal with pre-service, that we rarely have an in-service problem. Fortunately we have systems in place that are very easy to setup quickly.

    I can’t wait until the day we are in our own facility and can leave everything setup!

  4. Billy Chia

    Agree with you on transitions. I feel like it takes forever for me to put my capo on. I couldn’t imagine switching up instruments.

    In my job hunt I’ve been looking at all kindsa churches, and rate them based on various criteria as to how much I’d like to go there. I tend to give bonus points to a church that’s portable.

  5. Chris Stout

    Man I missed you guys. It’s so good to be back (nevermind I’m going to see my parents this weekend). Anyway, I can’t watch these on the ship, not enough bandwidth and You Tube is against Navy rules. So…

    Keep on chuggin! Those voice lessons were paying off from day one! Believe me, I know. You guys rock!

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