8 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 12

  1. Darryn Nyberg

    Coincidentally, this was my first week with inner ear monitors as well. It was odd but I liked it.

    If you have any great ideas for transitions please talk about it, cause we all need good ideas and encouragement there.

    God bless

  2. alex mclean

    we just went “cold turkey” and had great attitudes. I think it is about properly communicating the vision for the band. Then they will follow and be excited about the future.

  3. alex mclean

    let me re-phrase that…

    We properly communicated the vision of using in-ears:
    – better musical quality
    – use of click and loops
    – quite stage
    – personal mix control
    – safety

    This conversation lasted a couple months before we introduced the AVIOM units and IEM’s. Then we purchased the AVIOMS and used them for about a month with our wedges. Then we introduced the IEM’s. Hope that’s a little more clear.

  4. James McLean

    transitions are always an issue. i think it helps to have someone who is on keys or guitar that can keep vamping after a song is over and not just end abruptly. also, it helps to have a worship leader who knows what direction everything is headed and can roll with anything. i have definitely had some nights where i am out of it and it affects everyone because they are looking to me to know where we are headed. in the end i think you are right about flexibility too you have to be ready for whatever. example: this past Sunday night we had open prayer time, it went a little long and at one point got very deep and serious, i was scheduled to play “All We Need”, after sensing the spiritual temperature of the room i dropped that song and decided to do “Agnus Dei” instead. it came together pretty well.

  5. Chris Stout

    I wish I was there!!! Oh well, you guys pulled it off as usual! Just got to look at it like this, God wanted you to sit around and have fellowship before service. He didn’t care about all the lights, screens, & sound this week. 🙂

    Looking forward to next weekend. It should be fun!

  6. Steve Eller

    Nice to hear about your move to completely using in-ears. I know it has made a huge difference in our FOH mix, and improved our monitor mix situation dramatically.

    You go with the Jackson Browne flava!

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  8. Jen

    Sweet…. I love Chuck Norris.. who ever said that that is hilarious. Better watch out cuz he moves like old TR too!!!! Alex…. wowsers next time smile!

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