9 thoughts on “Worship Confessional #11

  1. Chris Stout

    I really love the 1:30 that it takes to get the beard/lost video comment! Ha ha…It turned out good man! For a moment I was thingking it was going to be a Billy Chia WC. Ha ha! I’m kidding Billy! I’m kidding!

  2. Steve Eller

    nice. i like the tap/nigel references. here is one for you. “if I have told them once, I have told them a thousand times, it should say ‘Spinal Tap’ then ‘puppet show'”. ok, you will only get that if you have seen the movie a few times.

    Everlasting God, one of my faves. As a matter of fact it is my ringtone.

  3. Jen

    Awesome … I just love Mary Murphey…. she better watch out i might be a good canidate for her job!

  4. Erin L.

    You guy are hilarious! To much fun…. any chance you might have some of this worship on footage. Jen’s song? Sure miss you Mcleans and your singing!

  5. heather

    Jen sings so beautiful! I am not just saying that to be nice…..those sweet slow songs melt my heart. THANKS JEN!!!

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