6 thoughts on “Worship Confessional #10

  1. Billy Chia

    What a great call. I love Jesus paid it all, but we should alway ask, “How does this connect with these people in this context?”

  2. heather

    Hi Alex! I am so grateful for your honesty! I agree with you, Sunday felt a little off. Somedays are just like that! Speaking for just me, I would like the music at communion to be more soft. Its a time to get your heart right with God and when the music is rockin (which I Love) its hard to get there. I only think that for communion day…the rest of the time it should be rockin! Have a great vacation

  3. Chris

    Heather, my thoughts exactly on communion music.

    Alex, awesome worship confessional! I see that the I-5 has taken some life out of ya? LOL Welcome to my life! Actually, I think it’s a good use of time, but I just don’t know if it’s that safe! (Stephanie yelled at me) LOL, remember the outtakes on my tech confessional? 🙂

  4. Steve Eller

    Chris. It is funny that you say your wife was yelling at you about doing your confessional on the road. My wife has expressed that I am not allowed to take my WC on the road. 🙂

  5. eric

    It’s good to see that Rob is finally playing with you guys… Tell him that I said ‘hi’! and ‘finally!’

  6. alex

    We spoke of communion this week at our creative arts meeting. One idea that we had was that next time we do communion, we’ll go into an instrumental with possibly some scripture on the screens or something for the first few minutes to allow people time to reflect…

    As far as being on the road… not as much fun, but it is a great use of otherwise wasted time. (Steve, maybe you can use that on your wife – if you do your wc on the road, you’ll have more time with the family!).

    Heather – WAZZUP! We’re back and the camper was awesome!

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