2 thoughts on “Wisdom from Cheaper by the Dozen

  1. alex

    tam, sorry I missed your comment. The first one gets me because it just sounds so right. We can read, go to classes, listen to seminars or whatever on parenting – and try and be the perfect parents. But in reality, there are litterally tons of opportunities each day to be a good parent.
    I think sometimes we don’t act/move/change because we are afraid of failing, of not being perfect – and this goes beyond parenting… Sometimes we just have to start.

    As for the second quote. This one just reminded me that (most of the time) it’s your family that is what really matters at the end of the day. They are the ones that will love and accept you. They are the ones that you live with, do life with. And yet we spend an enormous amount of time trying to work with, please, reach, teach, train, gather (whatever) people who – at the end of the day, won’t be there for you, and/or don’t really care too much about you. At least I find this true in my life. I mean people are well meaning, and we have some truly great friends. But I’m learning to give my BEST to my family FIRST. Others will get my time & energy, love, respect, etc. – but not at the sake of my family…

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