Windows Vista, what Joy…

Many of you have known me for a while and know that for the past 15+ years I have used PC’s for everything. Not really from choice, just from convenience. My PC’s always worked, plain and simple.

This year I switched to a MBP and so far I’ve been totally stoked. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had issues, but I don’t care what you use, you’ll always have some small issues.

But here’s where I think Mac’s are great – for people who want LESS issues. Onto the story…

Jen’s grandma has a 10 year old computer, and was wondering why it wasn’t working well. That’s a rant all on it’s own, anyway, it was time for a new computer. She checks email, surfs the web, and plays Spider Solitare, that’s pretty much it. Well, the family knows that I know computers – sort of – so I get all the questions. So they asked my recommendation. After thinking about it for a minute, I recommended an Apple, either a mac mini, or a used Imac, you know around $500. Well after much discussion and deliberation, a Dell was decided upon. Not bad, if you have to go PC, a Dell would be my number one choice. Then I remembered that all new PC’s are shipped with crappy Vista…


It showed up today and I volunteered to hook it all up and get it ready for Grandma. It took about 15 minutes to unpack it and set it up, afterwhich I spent the next 2 hours trying to get Windows Vista to recognize the cable modem… Yup, sickening. I asked my tech at Time Warner Cable if this happened all the time with Vista and she said yes, and that we were lucky because many times they can’t get Vista to work and have to refer their customers to the manufacturer. How dumb is that?

6 thoughts on “Windows Vista, what Joy…

  1. Rob Tremonte

    The PC haters club!! hehe…. Actually, if you had a simple router… you don’t install any software from Time Warner Cable… It’s not Vista that is the issue, but the programmers who wrote the connectivity software did not do it for Vista… TW is behind the ball.. They don’t want to pay to redo the software for Vista… so if you connect a modem directly to your computer, which you shouldn’t do anyway, you will have that issue… (Having a hardware firewall/router is very important)

    The only reason I know that is Time Warner is one of my clients! We handle their Wide Area Network Connections..

    The people you spoke to in their call service centers (You probably spoke with a person at the Ontario Call Center)… they really have no clue on troubleshooting. They read a script and walk you through it. They have basic knowledge.

    So, all in all… mercy triumphs over judgement..hehe

  2. alex

    Vince that’s about the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

    Rob, I hear ya man… But my Grandma would never have figured that out ha ha!

  3. Fred McKinnon

    if you call Comcast Internet, the first prompt is “if you are having issues with your internet connectivity and have installed Microsoft Vista, please press 1” …

    Hahah.. translation:
    you are screwed, hang up and don’t call back .. and go get a Mac

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