Will Jesus Come back to ATL First?


It’s no secret that Northpoint kicks some devil arse all over the ATL. And there’s a bunch of other mega or mini-mega churches in the surrounding area. But rumor has it that Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin are planning a church out there as well. HELLO! Southern California! Anybody gonna give us any love? I mean Warren and Muchow are cool, but we could use some help out here!

I mean it’s already bad enough that we have to catch up every morning on blogs and twitter. Will we have to wait for Jesus to rock out in Atlanta before we get our turn?

12 thoughts on “Will Jesus Come back to ATL First?

  1. inWorship

    I am a part of a church plant. When we planted our church, there was nothing like who we are in our area. But, since then, I have seen 10-15 different little plant that were either totally not thought through or exactly like the church down the street. I never got that? Why? Why not just join the church a block away doing exactly the same thing.

    I could think of 100 places that this giglio/tomlin church could be very effective. And those areas need it.

  2. eric

    I spoke with the worship director @ Chris’ old Church, “Austin Stone” a while back. He said that Chris is hardly ever there because his tour schedule is so hectic. It’ll be interesting to see how things change when he and Giglio settle down (so to speak) and commit to a single Church rather than the 100s of cities/churches that they visit every year on their Passion Tours…

  3. Fred McKinnon

    That’s very interesting. Sounds like his itinerary was quite different than someone like Paul Baloche, who at one time, I was told he turned down an overwhelming # of opportunities to that he could commit to being at his “anchor”, his local church at least 2 Sundays per month. But hey … Louie does LIVE in ATL, so cut the guy some slack! 🙂

  4. John


    Good points here… If anything, we can expect great and amazing things because God’s behind it all… so, we’ll be watching and waiting.

    On a side note… we’re you lined up to have a call with Beliefnet last week? I think you’ve spoken with Kyle Fisk about it…? If so, we had an opportunity to meet last week!

    What a small world.


  5. alex

    inWorship – I hear ya – God must have something special in mind that he’s been brewin’ in their hearts. I have MAD MAD respect for both these guys.

    Eric – yup, it’ll be an interesting case study with Austin stone. I’d like to see what has happened with Crowder and Baloche, Hall, others?

    Fred – “anchor” good and interesting word. I feel a blog post coming.

    John – thanks so much for stopping by. Both Tomlin and Louie have raised the bar – people are going to have high expectations for sure, but like you say: God’s behind it. As far as beliefnet – why does this sound so familiar but I can’t place it? off to check my emails…

  6. Fred

    hey, yeah I put anchor in “quotes” because that’s the word he used and stressed to me.

  7. bobby

    Well these guys both used to be at Northpoint a lot. So my question is, according to Ed Young, would they be church pirates?? Arrrr!

  8. Jonathan

    I’m part of a church plant in Acworth, GA (about 25 minutes north of Atlanta) and I can totally agree with what inWorship is saying. The only difference where I live at is that we, along with the other church plants/young churches around us are all doing well, but it still is such a huge market. There are hundreds of thousands in the metro area that don’t go to church anywhere. At least where I live, the churches try to help each other as opposed to competing.

  9. alex

    Well I hope I didn’t sound like I was bashing the Tomlin/Giglio duo. Not so – just reporting the news and poking fun at all the insane things are/seem to be happening in Atlanta (or maybe the South in general).

    And I don’t think Jesus is a Braves fan. More like Padres.

  10. cutechick

    I can fully understand Chris leaving the church at this point. Even those of us who don’t attend The Austin Stone saw this coming, and truely, I wish him well.
    Here in Washington State, we have this little town called Index, located in the Cascade mountains off of Route 2. It is home to the largest Wicca community in the state, and the largest Wiccan “seminary” in the region. Not church one.
    How about Gold Bar, the Meth capitol of the state? Or Seattle, where the homeless and the drug addicted and the souless yuppies are as much a part of the landscape as the space needle? For that matter, what about any part of the west coast, which is so starved for God it will ingest any and every belief because beliving in someting is less painful than beliving in nothing.
    Tomlin, I love ya and always will. But you can do way better than this.

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