Wife Swap

wife swap

OK, Jen’s not home and I am just workin on the ol’ laptop. On comes “Wife Swap”, and this one was setting up to be a doozie! A wiccan, fairy goddess mom vs. a motocross mom – I settled in to watch the sparks fly…

and they did…

but then something happened – I must say this was a really good episode (we rarely watch it, seriously). Both families really learned a lot from each other, too much to write about – but it was nearly a tear jerker.

Did you watch it?

5 thoughts on “Wife Swap

  1. bobby

    Saw that episode. They all kinda run together in my head, but I definitely remember the crazy fairy lady worshiping the tree.

    As a sidenote, I saw online just last week that they are casting families for that right now. C’mon Alex! It’s all you! 😉

  2. Chris

    Your wife would kill you! LOL! Not too mention the heart attack she would have after she lives at someone else’s house for two weeks. 🙂

  3. Steve Eller

    I want to add your feed to my rss reader, and I am getting an error with feedburner. any help?

  4. Jen

    UM No thanks…. I think I would die of Lysol overdoes.

  5. alex

    Steve – I don’t know what’s up with feedburner… it sends me an email every once in a while saying there is a problem with the feed, but then it works fine inside my google reader…

    I’m gonna log in now and see what I can find.

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