Why Not?

Why ideas never become reality:

  • it’s too much work
  • we’ve never done it before
  • we’ve never done it that way before
  • it’s not our idea
  • it costs too much
  • it could fail
  • we don’t do it that way
  • some people might not like it
  • it’s inconvenient
  • no one else is doing it
  • no one else has ever done it
  • everyone’s doing it
  • someone else tried it and failed
  • there’s no vision
  • it’s complicated
  • we’re scared

Not to get all spiritual about this, but if you’re a churchie person, you’ve heard the story of Jesus asking Peter to walk on water with him (Matt. 14). Of course there were very good reasons to not step out of that boat, but he did. I’m just sayin’.

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