Why I Cry Every Sunday Night


Maybe you thought it was something like the amazing worship from the day, or the message touched me, or that I was wiped out from a day of ministry. Not so my friends…

It’s Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition gang. Yep, I’m a sucker for this show. After putting the kids to bed, me and Jen pull up a blanket, rewind the DVR and catch up on our favorite feel good show. I’m not gonna lie, about 20 times during the show I have to pretend I’m yawning, or have something in my eye so that Jen doesn’t catch me in tears. If you watch this show and don’t feel some sort of emotion then you’re not a human being. If I could get a job on this show I think I’d consider changing careers.

I’ve found that this show polarizes people; they either love it or hate it.  What about you? Do you watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition?

11 thoughts on “Why I Cry Every Sunday Night

  1. David

    Man, you and I both. I always say, “I hate this show!”, but you know what I mean…

    I can’t recall her name, but I thought the woman hostess of the show was going to completely lose it last night. How could one be a part of that show and not be changed forever. I “love” that show. It’s one of the best things if ot THE best things on the tube these days.


  2. eric

    Yup! Actually… no… 🙁

    My wife won’t watch it with me anymore because she’s tired of crying every Sunday night!

    I tell you what, many times I’ve watched this show and thought, “wow, I want to do something like that with my life. What kind of a Christian am I anyway?”

    It’s an amazing show…

  3. pete

    i cry. my wife and i like to watch the show… and she always “makes fun” of me when she glances over to see me wipe tears away from my eyes MULTIPLE times towards the end of any given episode.

    here’s what tugs at my tear duc– er, heart strings…

    i am always moved by grace — the acknowledgment of and receiving of grace. the fact that others would give and those receiving are OVERWHELMINGLY GRATEFUL for lives that will be changed for the better.

  4. steve

    the wife and i love the show too. everytime i see it i know i am going to be in tears and not ashamed of it. what can i say i am a crier at church and movies too.

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