Why are we using "Secular" songs?

We’re in the middle of “Rockin’ Through the Summer” a series where each week we use a secular song to introduce a spiritual talk. So far we’ve done, the Stone’s “Satisfaction”, and U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Some other’s on deck:

  • CSNY – Teach Your Children
  • Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
  • John Mayer – Waitin’ on the World to Change
  • Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love is
  • Eagles – Desperado
  • Trent Reznor – Hurt (Johnny Cash Cover) check it out:

I won’t reinvent the wheel here – go check out Jordan’s blog for a great article on this subject.

5 thoughts on “Why are we using "Secular" songs?

  1. rebekah

    sweet. that’s awesome you’re doing a series like that. (i traveled with james for a couple years at LU and saw your link on his facebook page). our almost 2 year old church in wilmington nc is doing “God at the billboard” and it’s pretty similar. taking songs that are at the top of the charts each week and talking about what God and the bible has to say on the subject. it’s been a relevant series that is really impacting people. very cool. keep it up!

    check out some cool stuff on our pastor’s blog:


  2. alex

    that’s awesome Rebekah – nice to meet you! I’m on my way to the blog now!

  3. jamesmclean

    “secular” what a funny word. hi rebekah! hope you guys are doing good.

  4. jamesmclean

    i think that some “secular” music helps us understand some important questions that people are asking. i have been listening to Linkin Park’s Meteora album lately. Great lyrics, good questions!

  5. Rick Hill

    hey there – nice post…

    i’m reminded of paul in athens in acts 17…keep usig culture as a starting point for introducing Jesus into the conversation…

    all for Him

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