Who Should I Vote For?

I gotta be honest, I don’t do enough poitical homework. I mean I’ve watched bits of the debates, but honestly, these guys aren’t really answering the questions, and I imagine they won’t be able to pull of a quarter of what they’re promising. So I’m looking for other forms of input to help me decide.

So I went here, and according to my answers to their questions, I should vote for Obama. So, there we go. Maybe if you’re like me you should go there to, take the test, then come back here and leave your results.

And by the way, you can register and update your party, info, whatever, here.

Who are you voting for and why?

33 thoughts on “Who Should I Vote For?

  1. Chris Stout

    According to my test, I should vote for McCain…I have been sold on McCain for some time. He understands the fact that we can’t just meet with foreign leaders with out preconditions. What Senator O’Bama does not take into consideration is that the world does not see us as we see them and vice versa. Anything that the US can do has the potential to start another war someplace else. It’s a fine line and we need someone with experience to handle it. THere’s more…I think I’ll blog about it. Good question though Alex.

  2. Lisa Hudson

    I’ve been planning on voting for Obama since the beginning and according to this questions without a doubt I should vote for Obama! McCain and I disagree on 9 out of 10! When it comes to Education I know Obama has my kids back! Thanks for asking who to vote for! Love that website!

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  4. Jen

    According to the test I should vote for Obama…. wow I guess I better do more research before I cast my vote.

  5. James McLean

    bahh! they all just say what we want to hear. who knows what is true anymore?

    also don’t forget, these aren’t the only two running.
    Chuck Baldwin is looking pretty sweet over at the Constitution Party….http://www.baldwin08.com/

  6. Jeff

    I think you need to take more then a simple web test. In my estimation that poll was pretty biased. I think if you spent a couple of hours during the next couple of weeks read, listen and watch about these candidates your decision would be easier to make and it would be your own.

    You can start here:


  7. Mud Puppy

    I’m voting for Obama, but I’m not going to tell anyone who to vote for. We all need to be good stewards of our votes. The one thing I’ll encourage though is to never, EVER, let anyone tell you that God is for one candidate over another. Those people need their christianity cards revoked.

  8. pete

    HA! I had been meaning to check out the test as a number of people I know had referenced it…

    According to the “test” I fall in the Obama camp — BUT JUST BARELY! I pretty much walk the middle line between these 2 candidates.

    However, I have other reservations that would give me serious pause to consider either McCain or Obama.

  9. Becky

    That test was good – thanks for posting it. I still find myself very confused about whom to vote for. I agree with some of each candidate’s positions but all of neither.

  10. bobby

    I hate to say it, but the frustrating part to me is it doesn’t REALLY matter who you vote for. California’s electoral votes will all go to Obama. I know, kinda cynical. But true. I’ll still vote for McCain though, just feels like I’m throwing a vote away, ya know?

    bobbys last blog post..Catalyst Speakers – Day 1 (cont.)

  11. heather

    Alex you rock!! you are a brave guy to say who you want to vote for…I’ve gotten the impression that its “unchristian” like to vote for Obama..Which is who I am going to vote for, AND I love Jesus!

  12. alex

    Heather, you bring up a great point! Maybe post worthy. Like I said, I’m not a political deep thinker type. I consider myself a more ‘to the point’ person – give me practicality.

    Anyway, I think Christians are the worst at politics. We get our nose in so many places where we end up embarrassing the name and purpose of Jesus Christ. I know a lot of people disagree with me, but standing on a corner condemning gays, abortion, prayer in school, etc. is not my idea of what Christ would do, or is doing these days. I think Christ is more concerned about meeting people’s needs, showing compassion, showing them the beauty of a life redeemed by his love…

    And then we demonize certain people for their political views. And then we demonize certain groups for their moral views.
    And then we draw our lines in the sand and separate from the ‘world’, and before you know it we’ve become completely ineffective as representatives of the God who is love.

    You know the old adage, ‘don’t talk about religion or politics’… how dumb & backwards is that? Let’s talk about life, and the giver of life.

  13. Peter

    Hear hear! Kudos to you alex. I would consider myself politically aware to a certain point . I am not passionate about it nor am I fervant on any one issue. As a Christian I have come to the understanding that Christianity is not/should not be a Political Movement. But we must understand that there are “Political Implications” for being a Christian. Thus as alex mentioned, our effort to produce a healthy christianity would be more resounding on the Grassroots level as opposed to just voting our social agenda. Not say voting is not important, because it is! Very much so, but we have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to bring about real change after we vote (not matter who is elected)? Real, authentic, selfless change.
    For the whole of humanity, not just our own personal freedoms.

    Peters last blog post..Books I’m Reading…

  14. Louisa

    If you are for abortion than Obama is your man. This may seem harsh, but for me if you are not willing to protect the life of an innocent child that I do not trust you to protect Me or anyone else. The job of the President is to protect us from outside harm per The U.S. Constitution.

  15. James McLean

    and we are off….so if i just vote for the right person then all abortions will stop? its that simple?
    seems like we thought that was going to be the case with W.
    anyone can cast a ballot and put the weight on a leader. if we really care about babies being killed then we would do something more than just vote. how about volunteering for a girl’s home? adopting a child? mentoring a teen?
    the government is not going to solve all of our problems we must act and affect change against the things that disturb us.

    James McLeans last blog post..Something is Wrong

  16. alex

    I think it’s easy to get passionate and focus on one issue, I don’t fault anyone for that. Life experiences & your culture tend to determine that. I do agree that one candidate will not put an end to abortion – like I said, I think if they’re lucky, they’ll be able to follow through with about 1/4 of what they’re promising…

  17. Louisa

    It’s not about focusing on one issue, but as I said before Life is the most important issue and if your not willing to vote for that than I personally cannot trust you with my life. Whenever we choose life over death I believe that is the right choice. As far as adoption, mentoring, and volunteer work I have done what God has called me to do ( and if not thank God I have forgiveness ) and voting for Life I have been called to do.

  18. Louisa

    Hi Alex, Louisa here I would love to come by and give you material ( a C.D. and some flyers ) on The Call that would be great to play next Sunday as The Call is Nov. 1st at Qualcom Stadium. Would that be ok? Sorry I had your number but no longer do so I hope it’s ok to ask in this forum.

  19. Louisa

    James thank you for putting it all into it’s proper perspective. I agree with that 100%. I love our Lord and he alone is worthy! Praise you Jesus, thank you Lord and may all honor and glory be yours!

  20. heather

    Hey now, be nice…Thats my pastor and he is a very good man.

  21. alex

    Hey Heather thanks for the love. Jesse, I totally respect your views, and this is a place to converse. I’m not sure which question you’re referring to? Is it the “who should I vote for?”. If so, let me clarify. I’m still undecided, and all I’m looking for is some honest and open discussion on the upcoming election.

    One area I seriously disagree with you on is the “if you value life either don’t vote or vote for McCain”. That’s such an absolute statement – it shuts down conversation. I want people to process through this, I want to process through this. I want to remain understanding & compassionate, and continually learning.

  22. James McLean

    apparently Jesse didn’t read the above comments before him.

    By the way i love Louisa, even though we have never met, she is my sister in Christ. That was all i was trying to say is that as Christians our first allegiance is to Jesus. Governments will fail us, should we still vote and all that, sure. Just know that at the end of the day the Lord will have his way.

    James McLeans last blog post..Something is Wrong

  23. alex

    Oh yeah and Louisa, you can always drop that kind of stuff by. I’ll run it all by John and see if we can promo it. Where have you been by the way?

  24. Louisa

    Great Alex can I bring it by anytime Wed. or Thur. this Sunday would be the last chance to run it. I would have gotten it to you sooner which leads to your question where have I been? My husband was in a critical motorcycle accident on our 24th Wedding Anniversary Sept. 1st. He was on a breathing machine for 15 days ICU for 18 then when he came out of it he didn’t know any of us so I lived at the hospital day and night for a month . The Lord has healed Paul. God told me along He would heal Him I belived God and He did. I am so blessed! He had the right of way on HWY 79 a woman pulled on to the HWY he T-boned her going 50MPH. He died God asked Him if he wanted to come back? He has no paralysis and remembers his life now. His back is broken in 3 places, pelvic wrist & back have titanium plates, but full range of motion. Another radical God story. Praise His Name he is our True Love everything we want is in Him!

  25. Barbara AKA Alex's Mom

    First I’ll start with a disclaimer – nothing I say reflects Alex’s point of view – he’s a big boy and has a mind of his own although his heart belongs to the Lord! PTL! As we look at this political race I think God calls us to look at the moral issues – Obama claims to have accepted Christ at some point but the same question should be asked of him as we ask of any proclaimed Christian – where is the fruit? and does that fruit glorify Christ? McCain has made no such proclamation I can see but will I vote for someone simply because they say they are a Christian? I think not. It’s not so much important I say who I”m voting for as I challenge folks to read the issues – just because a candidate says he will do thus and so does not make it happen – we still have a liberal-based Congress. I think the bottom line is educate yourself about the facts – and there’s more on the ballot in California than the presidential candidates. Did anyone realize that the California Teacher’s Association donated more than $125,000 to defeat proposition 8? They just can’t wait to teach our kids that being gay is OK – we are to be the salt of the earth meant to spice things up! And we are called to be “in” the world and not “of” the world. Is there enough evidence in our lives that we could be convicted if Christianity were agains the law? That’s what we should concerned about. Thankfully we still have a say and the ability to vote our conscience!

  26. Becky

    I sort of feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in this election, but I keep forgetting there are 15 candidates for president on the Colorado ballot.

    Beckys last blog post..A Thousand Questions

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