Who I Should Vote for.

We played this game at the blog a couple weeks ago with some lively discussion. Today Vince turned me onto this little survey, and according to my answers I should vote for these candidates (in this order):

  1. Ralph Nader (seriously does this guy even have a chance?)
  2. Cynthia McKinney (who is she?)
  3. Barack Obama (he does have the best website)

Still undecided? Go take the test, then share your results… it’s gettin’ close!


Took the test again for Facebook and got McKinney, Obama, Nader… who is this McKinney?

8 thoughts on “Who I Should Vote for.

  1. bobby

    Hmmm. Interesting.

    1. John McCain (72%)
    2. Bob Barr (69%)
    3. Barack Obama (53%)

    I knew I was voting for McCain, but I’m surprised to agree with him that much. I saw him more as the much lesser of two evils, although I have liked him more and more as times gone on.

    bobbys last blog post..Catalyst – Day 2

  2. heather

    Oh my, I was even with 70% 1.Obama 2. McCain 3.69% Cynthia McKiney
    Honestly, my brain hurts!! I am ready for this whole election, prop 8, to be over with!!

  3. James McLean

    what no recognition for Chuck Baldwin? He’s on the ballot and a Christian too! http://www.ontheissues.org/Chuck_Baldwin.htm

    ha ha Cynthia McKinney is a joke. “According to an official press release, Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney is committed to environmentalism, non-violence and social justice. Ironically, McKinney is infamous for an altercation with a Capitol Hill security guard. CNN reported McKinney struck a security guard who stopped her from entering the building without the required lapel pin.”

    James McLeans last blog post..God Is After Our Joy

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