Who Cares?

istock_000002328403xsmall.jpg I’m one of those people who notices things – I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. I notice crooked pictures. I notice bad design, or no design. I notice shoddy thrown together things. I notice when someone hasn’t take the time to prepare or plan. I notice when someone has waited till the last minute to get the job done. And it always drives me crazy. (and yes, I can be guilty of anyone of those).

My brain says, these people must not really care – but my heart says I should be more understanding. But it drives me freaking NUTS!

My job on the weekends is to basically make sure we pull it off well. No, not well – amazingly well! I want everything to be as good as it possibly can be. I want the lights to be perfect, the videos to fire, the parking to be organized, ushers who love people and aren’t afraid to reach out and take them to a seat, worship leaders who aren’t afraid to LEAD people in worship, musicians who have spent time learning their instruments, and the songs that we use to worship. I want sound guys who listen to every little note and frequency in order to mix the best sound possible. I want children’s & youth workers who believe that they are pouring life into these kids with every Bible Story or fun game. I want pastors and teachers who seek new ways to reach people where they are, using creative methods that genuinely touch people and communicate the message of the gospel. I want a tech team that strives to be invisible by pulling of every cue and shot with excellence. Am I getting my point across?

This is how I’m wired, I guess I just expect others to “be here” with me. And I think I try and understand that people are all learning and growing at their own pace, but for God’s sake it’s the weekend people! Who cares?

Who cares about the person who is to embarrassed to ask where to sit?
Who cares about the person who can’t sing along because the words aren’t right on the screens?
Who cares about the person who doesn’t get your Christian jokes and euphemisms?
Who cares about the person who is just itching to get out of there, while you go on and on, and on, and on, and on?
Who cares about the staff member who is hurting because another volunteer staffer flaked on them?
Who cares about people who miss the opportunity to serve because we were to busy/lazy/whatever to ask them, or schedule them?
Who cares if a video doesn’t fire off, the first time, or second, or third, or fourth?
Who cares if there’s no craft/snacks/lesson for the kids?
Who cares if the street signs are out and in the right spots?
Who cares if events aren’t publicized correctly, and people don’t know about them?
Who cares if we start or end on time?
Who cares if the lighting is right for worship, or teaching, or anything for that matter?
Who cares if transitions are smooth and continue the flow of worship?
Who cares if things are clean, neat and orderly?
Who cares if it looks like we have a plan, a purpose, and know what we’re doing?
Who cares if we follow up with well thought out tracks for people to latch onto and grow in their journey?
Who cares if we use language that makes sense and is relevant to today?
Who cares if the logo is stretched instead of resized proportionally?
Who cares if thought goes into the song selection, picking songs that people love, that work for our people, and our band?
Who cares if volunteers know that they are affecting the eternal lives of others when serving?
Who cares if camera work is steady?
Who cares if data & feedback is collected?
Who cares if people on stage stand in the light, so we can see them?
I do, that’s who.

Maybe my expectations are unrealistic. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time and energy communicating this to my leaders. And don’t get me wrong, we have amazing leaders and staff at LifeChurch; people who give so much and are so dedicated, teachable, and flexible. And we pull of amazing worship experiences every weekend, but there’s times where I really feel like getting everyone together and asking the question: “Who here cares? If we put our hearts into it I know we can do this.”

Do you care?

5 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. inWorship

    This is good stuff Alex. In him our strength is found. He’ll give it to you, cause in my opinion, your desires are His. It’s a draining job, but a blessing.

    Keep it up. Your teaching me to stay on my toes as well.

  2. WorshipCity

    Dude THAT’S your job?!?! What’s that job description so I can put it into the “Must Have” list for next year. I’m with you in that mindset straight-on! I think our church is there as well. Unfortunately, we’re at that point where everyone is spread so thin across their ministries and we’re growing that we sometimes can’t keep up. I currently do worship and youth full time and it’s exhausting and yet I see more things that I want to do or more people that need to get better at the 1 thing they do.
    But yeah, you’re not alone. It’s the struggle I have every weekend.
    So, seriously, what’s your job title 🙂

  3. alex mclean

    My ‘official’ title is Executive Pastor (http://alexmclean.net/?p=861). My two main focuses are leading our staff and pulling off the weekend. I also teach every 6-8 weeks, and maybe lead worship as a fill in if needed. I’m diversified. Maybe I do too much – I probably do. So therein may lie the problem. Maybe I care too much because I do too much.

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