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Maybe you’ve notice that my normal slough of posting has slowed a little. Well, we are getting super close to moving into our new facility. Looking most likely to be next weekend. So as you can imagine I’ve been busy doing my jobs building a church, and helping to build a church building. Here’s some picture updates of our new diggs – I’m stoked because we took a 13,000 square foot box and turned it into exactly what we wanted. Of course there’s stuff we couldn’t do because of budget, but I believe that will come with time and development. So check it out and give me some feedback.

Let’s start with my office – here it is!

This is our “Town Center”. A community area for gathering with a mini coffee shop, children’s checkin booth (far right), a store, and an info area (center left). This area is my favorite area mostly because we actually did it! It’s a major sacrifice of space and the cost involved in making it look right was and is huge. But our church is really about people and this is for people. During the week it will be open with couches and chairs, free wi-fi, and coffee. We’re hoping it will be a cool place to hang out, not just for church. John and I got this idea from visiting an amazing church in Texas called Irving Bible Church.

This is looking at our tech area in the back of the auditorium/sanctuary/worship room. The first thing you’ll notice that the wall is angled (as are all in the room). This is to help with sound and make the room a little easier to manage, plus it looks insane. The first window you see on the left is the cry room. The next window is the tech room, where we’ll have all our video switching and computer equipment, plus a couple offices. In front of the tech room is our audio and lighting booth.

purple wall
This is us just a couple days ago cleaning the floor in preparation to stain it. You can see the back wall where the stage will go – it’s been painted our black magic. The color is so cool because in full light it looks like a deep plumb color, but in low light it looks black.

This is one of our KidsLife Classrooms. Each room is a wild bright color – this one is orange. We’ve got lime green, bright blue, yellow, etc. I’m stoked to see what our Kids ministry will be like with their own space finally!

And this is what the building looks like from the outside. Very cool huh? I remember the day John (our lead pastor) called me up and told me to check this place out. As I drove up, I remembered thinking “this is the place”. And here we are almost 6 months later, about to move into the building and I can hardly believe it. God is good.

3 thoughts on “Where I've Been Lately

  1. James McLean

    Wow! I am excited for you guys. I like the way some of the architecture is all whack and not straight. Its fun and crazy. I can’t wait to visit in December.

  2. heather

    I am sooo excited to get in there!! Are you guys gonna put up curtains in your office?!

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