Where in the Wolrd is Chris Stout?


My buddy Chris is on deployment somewhere in the world. He can’t tell you where, but it’s far, far away. That’s him directing a giant truck off of a LCAC (hovercraft to us laymen). This reminds me of my GIJoe days…

I’m stoked because in about a month I fly out to Hawaii and do the Tiger Cruise on an un-named Navy vessel. Not sure how much info I can share so that’s all I’m going to say, but I am stoked!

2 thoughts on “Where in the Wolrd is Chris Stout?

  1. Fred McKinnon

    dude, I’m jealous – i wanna go. We got a nice tour of a Trident class nuke sub down in King’s Bay (only about 45 minutes south) a few years ago – it was fascinating.


  2. stephanie (chris' wife)

    I can’t wait either because when you leave that means I only have 1 week or so till I get to see him !!!!

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