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I haven’t ‘blog’ blogged in quite a while. Mostly just family updates & some design stuff… Not sure whats up with the blog funk. So here’s just a mind dump:

  • I’m all about Facebook all of the sudden (are we friends?)
  • I can’t twitpic right now because of our plan & it’s driving me nuts!
  • I love my new job
  • I’ve been to church (worship service) 2 weeks in a row with my wife & kids, first time that I can remember
  • My RSS feed is broken and I don’t know how to fix it. I think Google broke it when they took over Feedburner (at least that’s the story I’m sticking with)
  • As expected, the new U2 album is VERY strange, as expected…
  • I’m excited about spending two weeks on the road with my family
  • I’m realizing I’m addicted to making things happen & need to learn how to slow down
  • Quote from staff meeting today that is resonating with me: “nothing is THAT important” (in response to checking email obsessively, which I do). Our lead pastor checks his email 3x a week!
  • Learning about Tim Keller
  • About half way through Mad Church Disease (thank you Anne)
  • I’ve been listening to 100.3 the Sound from LA – AWESOME radio station (old school)
  • Been missing a lot of my Life Church friends
  • My son is now 6 and a half. It seems like just yesterday Jen and I were dreaming about him going to Kindergarten!

That’s about it for tonight…

7 thoughts on “What's New…

  1. James McLean

    yeah facebook is where it’s at, it has been so helpful for me to keep in touch with friends and family everywhere.
    glad you like your job.
    yeah the new U2 is def interesting, i like some of it though.
    Tim Keller= good stuff, God is using him in a great way in NYC.
    Miles is a big boy, man time is going by fast.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  2. Alex's Mom

    It seems like you were just 6 1/2! I can’t tell you how cool it is to see you use all your creativity and drive – God has blessed many people through you and will continue through your faithfulness. Enjoy your trip and use it for revival for your relationship with your family and with God….just don’t lock your keys in the car in the middle of nowhere like we did on our infamous road trip!

  3. alex

    Lisa, one word: BOIL!
    Eric: you can come by RCC any time M-F (well, almost any time) and hang out – I’d love to show you around. And yes, let’s hang out soon!
    Bobby: Man, I’m starting to think I have an addiction (but that would mean that my wife is right!)

  4. Kendra Watson

    “I’ve been to church (worship service) 2 weeks in a row with my wife & kids, first time that I can remember”

    I am EXTREMELY JEALOUS!! They started a new series at church today and I SO wanted to be there for it with Brian. I guess the podcast will have to do.

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..Matthew West

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