What Women Want

sleepless in seatle

Let me just start this post by saying that I love my wife. She’s amazingly hot, patient with me, the best mom I know, can muti-task almost as good as me (except she can remember what people say). Anyway, I love her, can’t imagine life without her. But there’s just some things I don’t get… How can women be so amazing and yet miss the beauty and richness of things like this:

Lucky for me, Jen loves the Office. Guys, what did I miss? Gals, can you enlighten us a little?

5 thoughts on “What Women Want

  1. alex

    How could I forget Spinal Tap? Mr. Bean… hmmm not sure if I’ve ever made Jen sit through that one.

  2. inWorship

    Tam has sat through Holy Grail. I’ve never made her watch Spinal Tap though. We’ve watched Spaceballs. She loves Caddyshack. But she hates anything remotely Sci Fi, like Star Wars and she hated Lord of the Rings.

    But she loved The fifth element…go figure…

    I heard something yesterday. You didn’t marry a man, so don’t treat her like one 🙂

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