What Makes a Church a Church: Driscoll

I’m watching Mark Driscoll live from The Resurgence Conference. This topic of “What makes a church a church?” caught my attention, so I am taking some notes.

1. Jesus is Head of the Church. Many preach the incarnation of Christ (humble & meek peasant), not many preach Christ glorified.

2. Qualified Leaders.

3. When the Gospel is Rightly Communicated.

4. The ‘sacraments’ are Regularly Given: Communion/Baptism.

5. Church Discippline Rightly Enacted.

The preaching of God is essential, but without dealing with all the other aspects of what makes a church a church, your preaching will be ineffective.

If you don’t know what the church should be, then you’ll go out and get all excited about doing ministry, but you’ll end up with something other than what Christ meant by the New Testament church.

He pretty much harped on the Emergent Church and the House Church, along with “two guys who go drink a beer and have a couple chicken wings and call it church”.

Internet Campus a church? No (according to MD because it doesn’t include all of the 5 ingredients)

Multisite Campus a church? Only with all 5 of the above ingredients.

What is the church? “No knows, no on really has any idea” – Driscoll (speaking of the churches he has been visiting lately).

2 thoughts on “What Makes a Church a Church: Driscoll

  1. James McLean

    i mean he does have a good point that the church in north america has kind of lost its identity. i would be interested in hearing the whole talk, i like some things about Driscoll.

  2. Ron S.

    There’s no love in the list.
    But we must have Discipline!

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