8 thoughts on “What I Spent My Evening Doing

  1. Jeremy

    Oh geez… I remember an afternoon I spent with my vacuum cleaner recently. In fact, it almost looks like we have the same one! Not my idea of a good time… Great blog! I’m a friend of Randy Elrod’s and drum for downhere. I’ve added you to my blogroll – when you get a second, I’d love it if you could return the favor. Take care!

  2. Chris

    Oh man – I hope you took a “before” picture to remember how to put it all back together! 🙂

  3. James McLean

    Ha ha! this is reminding me of dad. The McLeans aren’t the greatest at being a handyman. I have a tough time just building a desk from Wal-mart.
    ps. love the German!

  4. Fred McKinnon

    If i even ATTEMPT anything “handyman” it always turns into a disaster. ALWAYS.

    I spent my evening at church – I did a surprise dropin at youth group – to observe/checkout the rehearsal time, pray with the team, and engage in their worship with them. It was awesome.

    For the Kingdom,

  5. Billy Chia

    Sweet, takin’ stuff apart is fun. And, although it tends to happen less frequently – putting stuff back together is fun too!

    I’m likin’ the simple new theme. And is that German? Very indie.

  6. WorshipCity

    Yeah it’s like a bad sitcom when I repair things with many parts. ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS, I get finished and my wife (she even laughs when she says it now) says, Shouldn’t you have used ALL the parts when you put it back together???

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