The other day I wrote a post entitled, “What I like“. So now it’s time for, “What I don’t like”. In honor of that, I present you with the most cynical, yet honest man alive to introduce this segment…


I don’t like it when it gets over 95.

I don’t like bad drivers (there’s a TON in Temecula).

I don’t like bad attitudes.

I don’t like political shows.

I don’t like made up rules about religion that are followed simply out of tradition.

I don’t like people who are always pointing fingers.

I don’t like paying bills.

I don’t like that there’s no decent internet in Wine Country.

I don’t like nuts (peanuts are ok though, same with pistachios).

I don’t like Christians who polarize around a non-essential issues.

I don’t like confrontation.

I don’t like the 91 Freeway, at all.

I don’t like that Mexico isn’t safe right now, because I really like Mexico.

I don’t like the “sauce” on In-N-Out Burgers.

I don’t like Chipotle – call me a heratic, I do not like that place.

That’s about it for now – what about YOU?

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  1. Travis

    You don’t like Chipotle? Really!? You’re such a white boy!

  2. I don’t like commutting.

    I don’t like deploying away from my family.

    I don’t like miss-communication or lack of communication.

    I don’t like having debt.

    I don’t like…errr…the fact I can’t say that I don’t like someone’s actions because in a convoluted way, I “work” for them.

    And the number 1 thing I don’t like, There’s not enough time in a day for me to get enough sleep and still do all the things I want to do! :-)
    .-= Chris Stout´s last blog ..biting & Toddlers… =-.

  3. Tami

    Are you serious you don’t like the sauce on the ‘in-n-out’ burgers. That has got to be a joke. And the Chipotle thing is just insane. I hope Jen doesn’t feel the same way about these things, or I just don’t know about the two of you anymore. :)

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