I’m kind of in a weird mood tonight, so here’s my list of things that annoy me (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • when wireless internet doesn’t work like it’s supposed to (like in my office)
  • the new California “hands free” law
  • musicians who don’t play with passion
  • when my MBP won’t read my external hard drive
  • people who don’t check their email
  • when I don’t make time for God in my life
  • people who don’t ask for help/advice (including myself)
  • UFC fanatics, I don’t really get people beating the crap out of eachother
  • people who refuse to utilize technology (late adopters ie: email, blogging, websites, text messaging, cell phones, etc.)
  • copy machines
  • when I know I’m wrong but don’t want to admit it
  • when your computer won’t just burn a CD or DVD
  • having to “eject” thumb drives and hard drives from my MBP
  • when people don’t do what they said they were going to do
  • bad drivers and angry drivers
  • when taco bell forgets the cinnamon twists, which is every time I go there (serves me right)
  • current gas prices
  • politics, period.
  • poorly run church production, or maybe I should say “carelessly run
  • people who talk VERY LOUDLY in their blue tooth’s in grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

What annoys you?

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  1. Sample hounds at Costco. They clog the aisles. These are the same people that cause traffic jams in the parking lot, sitting there with their little blinker on, waiting for a car to leave a parking spot. Ugh. I’m annoyed just thinking about it.

  2. oh dang, COSTCO in and of itself annoys me as well. We call it the #2 worst parking lot in Temecula. You literally can’t find a spot even on the outskirts. The #1 worst parking lot in Temecula? The Trader Joe’s parking lot – horrible, designed for all Geo Metro’s, and we try and park Hummers and Yukons in there.

  3. wow, I think I will just take your list… looks close enough. The utilizing techknowlogy drives me crazy… my son (who is in his 20’s) refuses to use text messaging, drive me NUTS, but I think poorly run church productions kill me too, great list.

    Scott Fillmers last blog post..Bible Now Available in the Mam Language

  4. I’m going with politics as well. And slow drivers.

    Pete Wilsons last blog post..Friday mornings, the boys, and Miley Cyrus

  5. I have a huge list. I’ll try to scale it down for ya:

    1. Poor Customer Service
    2. Bad Waiters & Waitresses
    3. Inconsiderate People
    4. Bad drivers
    5. People who have all the potential in the world who knowingly do nothing.
    6. Half-Way Completed Products
    7. Flies
    8. Choppy/Cheap Productions
    9. Dirty Diapers (Just hate the frequency, not the culprit!)
    10. The fact that I can find so many things that annoy me.

    I may have a few problems myself in these areas (not diapers) but I would like to think I’m trying to squash it.

  6. margerine…it’s does not taste like butter people.

  7. jen

    great list. ummmm nothing annoyes me. ha

  8. heather

    I agree with the margarine answer…
    Splenda…Does NOT taste just like sugar!
    People who smack their food…
    I hate that most things fun somehow involve spending money..
    Dishonest reasons for leaving church
    People on bikes who do not share the road
    Cars who almost run me over on my bike!!!
    vegetables in jello!! GROSS…

  9. i would concur with politics and add this…people who actually think that voting for a specific candidate is actually going to change something.

    oversized pick up trucks.

    people who pretend they know what they are talking about when they really don’t (honesty and humility go a long way).

    churches that care more about programs than people.

    guys that wear jean shorts. :)

    James McLeans last blog post..I don’t really know what I’m doing

  10. I like your distinction between “poorly” and “carelessly” run.

    I’ll also 2nd poor customer service.

    I’ll add:

    bad webdesign.
    actually bad graphic desing period.

    Billy Chias last blog post..I Can Do 100 Push Ups, Can You?

  11. Well I could ditto almost everything on your list…but I must confess that Brian and I love a goof UFC fight!

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..Thankful this morning

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