We're Unplugged!

I won’t get into details, but as many of you know, ministry is not the most lucrative career, and a family of four in Southern California with a (wonderful) stay at home (working) mom just doesn’t cut it sometimes – so we are looking at every way possible to cut. Today we jumped off a pretty big cliff:

– No TV (Dish DVR)
– No High-Speed Internet

I know, it feels like we are living in the stone age now! But we’re cutting everywhere we can – and these were some of the last things to go (gonna save us about $100 or so a month). What’s worse is that no one around me has any wireless that I could jump on every once in a while (which of course would be stealing). I think God is probably teaching us that we don’t need these “things” to be a normal, happy, functioning family.

The blogging will continue, and the twittering; I’ll just have to be a little more creative. Why do I feel like I’m unplugging from the Matrix?

8 thoughts on “We're Unplugged!

  1. eric

    We went without t.v. for the first two & 1/2 years that we were here in Temecula. It was actually pretty cool!

  2. eric

    Oh my gosh! It just hit me! What are you going to do about LOST!?

  3. bobby

    We’ve been back to just the rabbit ears on the tv for a while now. It’s actually kinda nice. You’ll find out you don’t really need it nearly as much as you think.

    And no worries, we watch LOST every Friday online.

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  5. Shannon Lewis

    Way to go!
    My wife & I don’t have cable, and I’m convinced that’s the only way I am able to find ‘creative’ time in my busy schedule.
    Yeah – we OWN a tv, but it’s only hooked up to a DVD player in order to watch the 2 dvds we might manage to watch together a month. Otherwise, I’m glad – I’d rather write or record a song, or read a book!

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