7 thoughts on “We're 0 for 4

  1. WorshipCity

    WOW you are a brave man! I never would have even though of catching up on this one! HAHAHAHA.
    The last movie we rented was Deja Vu if that helps you out.
    I threw some link love your way man! I’m digging the blog.

  2. jamesmclean

    now that one should have been obvious. 🙂

  3. alex

    yup I asked for it on this one…
    and vinnie, my go to movie is Office Space…

  4. Billy Chia

    Yeah, my wife and I rented “The Holiday” and didn’t make it a half-hour. Nice to know there’s other guys out there watching the chick flicks.

  5. Greg

    i haven’t read all of your entries, so i don’t know if you have seen this one, but may i suggest, Lucky Number Sleven. the dude at blockbuster recommended it to me. it was really good, one of my favorites this year. a lot of slick dialogue.

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