Welcome Back Me

Well I took a week off. It’s been a while, but it was very needed and perfectly timed. For the past couple months we’ve been building our new church building and it all came to a head the week that I was gone; pretty insane! I left on a Saturday, and that Sunday we actually had church in our parking lot! That week, the week I was gone, we wrapped up the final construction and had our final inspections, guess what? We passed! So that meant that this past week we were inside! I got back on Saturday at midnight, and the next morning got to go to a brand new church! It was awesome – people were stoked, staff was buzzing, and it was just a great day. I unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures. Here’s the only cool looking one, it’s blurred of course.


Now, you’ll notice that it looks a little bland. I’m working on it. This week is my turn to do the overtime and get all our media up and running. We’ll be hanging three screens; 2 14×8’s and one 17×10, all widescreen format. I gotta get all the wiring done and additional stuff ordered and installed – it’s gonna be a crazy week. Here’s a little look at where I spent the day.


I’m planning a post from our vacation soon. It was awesome and we got some sweet pictures!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Me

  1. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Alex…congrats to you and Life Church…I pray that you guys do some real damage to our enemy by reaching tons and tons of people!

  2. Chris Stout

    Hey Man,

    I miss you guys! I wish I was there! I feel that I could help so much more then I could out here! Anyway, I’m getting the signal that it’s time to go so I better run. I pray that everything continues to run smooth and that we can all glorify him together soon!

    Later brotha!

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