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I couldn’t think of a good title for this post. I guess it’s kind of a rant. I visited a church in Florida early this year. What seemed to be a very healthy, large church. I got to hang out with the lead pastor and executive pastor for a couple days and I was really impressed with their leadership. Mostly I was impressed with the exec pastor and the way he ran the staff. I was really interested in learning more from him. All in all the trip was awesome and I really looked forward to talking with them again and staying networked.

Fast forward a few weeks. We talked via phone and I told the exec pastor that I really enjoyed my time there and wanted to stay connected and asked if he’d be interested in a phone call every once in a while where I could extract some of his ideas. He was so cool and into it and said something like, “That would be awesome! Just call my secretary and she’ll set up a time when we can talk”. I was stoked!

Fast forward a few months. I’ve called 3 times, left very nice messages with his secretary explaining who I am and what her boss said to me. I get nothing. I’ve also emailed a couple times, and you guessed it, nothing – not even a generic response email. Needless to say I won’t be trying anymore – I don’t want to beg for crying out loud.

I’m not trying to complain – I know everyone’s busy, and not everyone is into networking. But come on bro, just tell it like it is in the first place, then I would have never bugged in the first place.


7 thoughts on “Weird Post

  1. Chris Stout


    I hear ya on that. I get that all the time. Thinking more recently, that one “hookup” for production gear just for churches. He’s only responded once. 🙁

  2. Anne Jackson

    Doh! I hate stuff like that. I totally let the ball drop a lot in that area too. But maybe now with the pattern you’ve seen…it’s time to find a guy who REALLY cares…you’re probably better off…. 🙂 That sounded mean…sorry…kind of…..

  3. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Well, I guess you are stuck hanging out with the likes of me then–someone not as impressive;-) I don’t even have a secretary anymore!

  4. James McLean


    it is a sad fact that church staff members are notorious for being some of the most unorganized and unprofessional people out there. if we ran our businesses the way we run our churches the US economy would crumble. its disappointing because the church should be the ones setting the example to everyone else. ok soapbox over.

  5. Billy Chia

    Yeah I feel ya. Saying, “no” is hard. Sending people to phone message limbo is an easy way to take the pressure off of yourself and completely rude. If you don’t want to do it, or have doubts you shouldn’t offer.

  6. tunz

    I just ran into a circumstance that makes me want to advise you to pursue this interaction one more time. A friend of mine thought he had a secretary who was doing what he asked of her, but instead of passing along messages, following up on email, and contacting people he requested, she was just kind of blowing it off. May not be the case in this circumstance, but you never know. If this isn’t the case, and you really care about this guys ministry, the feedback that you give him regarding your experience would be very beneficial if he is willing to hear it and in a position where he would like to grow. Best wishes, Tunz

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