Weekend Rewind (formerly Worship Confessional)

So we haven’t done a “worship confessional” in a long time. Not even really sure why; just moving into the building, and trying to figure out how to do church in a building has taken its toll. And since I am not involved in the band as much anymore, I think I am just going to start doing “weekend rewinds” – just what happened from my point of view. OK?

So this weekend I continued our teaching series “Life Gets Fit” and I talked about getting spiritually fit by serving. This was our second week of Saturday Night services and we had a healthy crowd there. 8:00am was very light, 9:30 was about half full, and 11:00am was packed. Last week we had over 550 people – I’m waiting on the stats, but from the look of things I would imagine we were a little down from that this weekend; The monsoon rain probably didn’t help.

Karl led the band this weekend and did a great job. We had drums, bass, electric guitar, and Karl & Ariel on vocals. A smaller band than normal, but good. They led us in: Enough, Forever, and Here I am to Worship – then we closed with Forever again. Forever was a special request by yours truly. I knew Karl wasn’t too hip on that song, but I really liked the Chris Tomlin version from Live in Austin. But that’s what I love about Karl, is that he has a totally teachable spirit and they pulled it off well with a great attitude! Thanks Karl! The music was good, it felt like more of a reflective day. Pastor Steve did our welcome this weekend and he did great, one of our Elders, Duane, did our Offering; we like to introduce the offering and let people know that it is “family time” and disarm guests.

Duane and I were talking about “building capacity” in our leaders by giving them stage time. I completely agree and want to get more and more people comfortable on stage. Duane did an especially great job today.

The message was a little different for LifeChurch – I really hit home the point that WHEN WE SERVE, WE GROW. I used the illustration of the treadmill (which I had on stage, and jumped on throughout my message). I said that when we exercise, we grow – it’s just a natural result. And when we SERVE, we GROW – it’s just a natural result. When we put ourselves in places where God can use us, he grows us (when we get on the treadmill and start running we being to grow). And it’s the best place to be as a Christ follower, because it is emulating our Heavenly father who is/was the greatest servant of all – the greatest giver of all. My only concern was that I didn’t want people to think that this was another “recruiting” message. I just wanted people to know that serving is not about filling a role/position – it’s about growing spiritually. I was able to illustrate the message with some good videos thanks to Kevin – THANK YOU!

So I think it went pretty well – you gotta imagine that after 4 times, you should be able to get it right! All in all, a great weekend – good vibe. Plus we had a special visitor – Matt & Heather Olds showed up and I was stoked to talk with them and hear about what God is doing in their lives!

One thought on “Weekend Rewind (formerly Worship Confessional)

  1. Matt

    We’re glad we were able to make it out before the move…and I’m glad we didn’t stop at the bottom of the hill at the mormon church…that would have been weird.

    You guys are doing an awesome thing out there and it was cool to see the Life Church extension of ‘the bigger church’ and fun to meet your family. Thanks Alex. I’ll miss your strong hand shakes and strapping good looks.

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