Weekend Rewind 4.4.08

This was a busy weekend for me. Jen was out of town so I had both kiddos, which makes being at church for 10-12 hours on a weekend interesting. Luckily I had some help this weekend with family hanging out with them – nice!

Last weekend I led worship with a killer acoustic band. 6 strings, 12 strings, acoustic bass, keys, and cajon; very nice. I didn’t do a confessional, just cuz of time, but if you are interested in hearing me hack away you can check it out here. (set: Not to Us, Blessed Be Your Name, Everlasting God, Amazing Grace/My Chains).

But this weekend I put my executive hat back on. Saturday night we shuffled some spaces around and created a new nursery room. We had a room slit in half for babies and crawlers, and it was just getting too cramped. So we took an office, cleaned it out and made a nice little nursery.


Frank Grubbs from World Vision made his yearly visit to LifeChurch this weekend. And I’m excited to say that our church sponsored 31 children! I asked frank what the average statistic was for churches and he said it’s usually around 10%. So we figured we had about 300 adults in church this weekend, so we did about average.


Here’s something I love to see. This is our Youth Ministry filming their own video to promote an upcoming event. That’s Curtis on the camera – he’s amazing, he can pretty much do anything technical. Brittney is there in the picture too and she is our new Youth Intern – she’s putting this whole thing together.


Our annual river trip, “Fryathon”, is coming up in a couple weeks so we got a sweet hookup (for the day) to get people in the mood. This thing is sweet!


Just in case you didn’t see where we parked it. One of our themes for this year is “Break some Rules” – we are well on our way!


We had to find a home for this thing – it didn’t quite fit in my truck…


And lastly, I had to do a little pest control. If you are not an animal lover you can check it out.

That was my weekend. How was yours?

One thought on “Weekend Rewind 4.4.08

  1. eric

    Was that a “Kangaroo Rat”?

    Break some rules huh? Is that a new theme @ Life? 😉

    My week will be posted in a few…

    Wish you were playing with me at conference tomorrow…

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