Weekend Rewind 3.30.08


Bodacious! Ok, not really, but you gotta admit – that’s a pretty cool word. This weekend we had another special guest: Bryan Jennings. He’s a pro surfer with a great heart for seeing people come to Christ. On Saturday night we showed a premier of his movie “Walking on Water”, which was very cool. On Sunday in all of our worship experiences, Bryan shared his heart – teaching from Exodus. Pretty awesome stuff. I can’t remember if I posted our numbers from last week (Easter), but we were at about 770. This weekend we were at about 700! That’s pretty encouraging – God is bringing more and more people to LifeChurch.

Our band rocked “Awesome is the Lord Most High” for the first time this weekend. I love that song and they did a great job. They also played: All We Need is You, How Great is our God, Everlasting God, and Come Home Running (4 out of 5 Tomlin? wow).

All our services ran way over. We plan for one hour, we rarely hit it – which bums me out a little, but I try not to let it stress me out. This weekend we ran all the way up to our next time. So our 8am ran until 9:25, our 9:30 ran to 11:00, and our 11 ran until about 12:45! If it was just people in a worship service and that was it – it wouldn’t really be a problem, but when that service runs over there is a ripple effect on our KidsLife ministry, Youth Ministry, parking, etc. But our people are pretty forgiving, and we’ve got great teams serving in all our ministries who are good at going with the flow.

I think God really spoke through Bryan and people were moved this weekend closer in their relationships with God. One thought that has really been on my mind is something Carlos mentioned: Career Christians. And I wonder if I’ve become one… more to come on that.