Weekend Rewind: 2.3.08

This weekend was another really good weekend for LifeChurch. It was our 3rd Saturday Night worship experience this weekend and we finally hit 50 people, which is really encouraging. The rain kind of lowers our numbers here in SoCal, people just don’t like going out, so today’s attendance seemed a little lighter, but there was still a healthy crowd for 9:30 & 11:00 – with 8:00am being the smallest service.

It seems like each week things are getting a little bit better – all around, from tech to content, to the flow of service. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve still got a ton of tweaking to do, especially with our lighting and sound, but it’s coming.

So, Karl had a good team this weekend: drums, keys, bass, electric/acoustic, and three vocals. They did “O Worship the King”, the Delirious version of “I could sing of Your love forever”, “Amazing Love”, and they introduced “Amazing Grace / My Chains are Gone”, which went over amazingly well. The music was really good – strong vocals. Sound issues are still plaguing us, but it’s bearable, and at least there’s some bass punch in the room.

John’s message was on being financially fit, remember we are in the middle of the “Life Gets Fit” series. Today’s message focused on “margin”, a little spin off of Andy Stanley’s message series on margin. John did a really good job on communicating how God blesses when we honor him first and leave financial margin in our lives.

After church today I stuck around to interview on camera, 3 families who shared their stories of how God is working in their lives – that was awesome, I got to know them even better and was able to pray with them. That was a really special time.

There was a great vibe today, even more new families showing up every weekend (10 this weekend to be exact). Now we really have to focus on retaining those new people, which will depend a lot on our “Connecting Life” ministry. Here’s the process, as far as I know:

New people fill out a card and bring it to Connecting Life after the service where they receive a free gift.
Their info gets put into a system where they get a welcome letter and a $5 Starbucks card as a simple Thank You.
If they’ve indicated that they want more info on any area in the church, they get a phone call from a Connecting Life staffer, who answers their questions and puts them in touch with ministry leaders.
After that, I’m not quite sure what the next step is – another area I need to figure out and make sure is working.

What do you do with new people who visit your churches?

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  1. James McLean

    Yes! Margin! I am reading an incredible book called Margin by Richard Swenson. It is an important one for those who are striving to advance the kingdom of God. I truly believe that marginless living and burnout are some of the biggest strongholds on the American culture.

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