Weekend Rewind 2.16.08

Change Up. That’s the word for this past weekend.

I was planning on playing drums for the band & then spending some time in our Youth Ministries to kind of catch up on their programming, instead I ended up leading worship, which turned out fine.
Karl, our music director called me on Friday night to tell me that he had been in a head on collision going 55mph & wanted to know if he could call me the next day to let me know if he could be there this weekend. I was like, uhhhh you’re probably going to want to take the weekend off after something like that. Anywho – he called on Saturday and was still in a lot of pain, so it was on. By the way, Karl is ok, to my knowledge, just some bruised ribs, and the emotional/adrenaline drain of being in a serious accident.

So I started making some calls to add a drummer at the last minute with no luck. So we kind of redesigned the set to be an acoustic vibe (which always seems to happen with me). We had 2 acoustics, bass, keys, and a bvg. And we changed up the songs a little to: All We Need is You, Blessed Be Your Name, Everlasting God, & Closer. The band really filled the spaces amazingly, and Gwen our vocalist really supported well – I did my best and it turned out not too shabby. I think it fit well with the message of the day from our guest speaker: Pastor Rick Bundschuh of Kauai Christian Fellowship.

Rick was great, very real, with a relaxed and fun message. I really valued what he had to say. Some points that I remember were:
– look for blessings where you don’t expect them, that’s usually where God puts them
– look for/expect the best in people instead of the worst
– don’t be so worried that you keep people out of ministry, give them a chance
– look for ways to bring the church to people instead of always trying to get people to church
(of course, that’s what I heard)

We had a ton of new people this weekend, our 3rd week of Grand Opening. Our services ran a little long – which is standard. My only fear with that is the turn around time in between worship experiences. With limited parking, KidsLife Check-in, and turn-over, it can be a little stressful to actually start the next service on time, and it has a ripple effect through the day.
Another fun element that we are adding during our grand opening is an after church BBQ for new people put on by our deacons. It’s a fun time to just connect with new families, and people who may have never connected before.
Next week is Easter, so I’m sure this week will be crazy. How was your weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Rewind 2.16.08

  1. James McLean

    fabulous weekend for me. wrote a new worship song, played frisbee golf and we did the same we scaled down Sunday because most of the students here are on spring break, it was just me and a guitar.
    i really like the last point that Rick made about bringing church to people. i believe that the local church in America will cease to be if we don’t do this.

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