Weekend Rewind 2.10.08

This weekend was a busy one for me. Make that for me and my family.

Jen and I led worship for the first time in about 2 months. Which wouldn’t be so tough except I am just so involved in other areas of ministry right now. We had a great band scheduled, 3 acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keys, and 3 worship leaders. Here’s what happened:

– Our bass went out – bad battery contacts or something
– Our Avioms were giving us all sorts of grief today – I only had the right side of my ears working, and Jen’s Aviom didn’t work at all, so we ran her a wedge.
– Our set was: Forever, Blessed be Your Name, Everlasting God, and Never Let Go (DCB), which our keyboardist did a great job on.

I think the music went over well, people seemed to worship, and we got good feedback.

Our lead pastor’s father, who is also a pastor from Washington, was down and he shared on being ‘Financially Fit’ – which is desperately needed in these times.

As far as numbers – I’m not sure but it seemed like a pretty normal weekend, actually I think this is the first weekend that it hasn’t been raining in like 3 weeks! Now that’s strange in southern California!

Sunday night we had our Vision 08 Desert, where we just shared where the church stands financially, what our goals are for this year, and how our people can get involved in making it happen this year. We filled up our worship center with tables & chairs and had Travis and his band come and play some worship tunes for us – they rocked as usual.

The weekend wasn’t without frustrations. I vented a little here.

So that was my weekend, 4 worship experiences, plus the vision event. Needless to say, I took a nap today. How was your weekend?