Want my Blog as a Widget?

Why would you? I don’t know, but just in case check this out – it’s a cool site called widgetbox. I ended up there from a search for a World Vision widget. Frank Grubbs from WV visits our church once a year and they do some amazing work. Anyway, after finding the widget, which by the way is newly installed on the sidebar – sponsor a child for less than you spend a month on Starbucks. Back to the story…

Widgetbox has a little tool that helps you create a widget for your site, pretty nifty. So here’s mine:

One last time, click here if you want my blog as a widget.

3 thoughts on “Want my Blog as a Widget?

  1. Will Young

    Perhaps I’m just immature but I laugh out loud every time I hear the word widget.

    P.S. You’ve been on my blog roll for quite some time, well before we even were twitter friends. And as for my blog roll displaying the title of the last posts, it’s a blogger thing. Sorry bud. :-/

  2. alex

    Matt, thanks for nothing. 🙂

    Will, as you have been on my blog for quite some time now. (Oh yeah, that’s the guy that goes to mass).

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