Volume Boost on MacBook Pro

macvol One of the frustrations I’ve had with my MacBook Pro is that the volume never seems to get loud enough for my taste (kids screaming, dishwasher, phone calls, wife calling me, etc.). So I finally broke down and googled “macbook pro volume hack” and found this nice little page which introduced my to this free (I think) little app called Audio Hijack Pro. After downloading and installing it, you just follow the little tutorial from the aforementioned site and, Bingo! All of the sudden I can actually HEAR what Perry Noble and Steven Furtick are teaching about! A little bit of a pain because I haven’t figured out how to automatically have it HiJack my browser (I had to open the program first, and then open FireFox) – but once the program’s open any audio through whatever program you’ve setup to HiJack will be effected. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Volume Boost on MacBook Pro

  1. Romer!can

    My comment is even older than the post! The original version remains free and easily controls the volume of your MacBook Pro (as I’ve just installed it tonight after happening upon your post) without needing to buy anything at all.

    The Hijack “Pro” version is $32. And unnecessary for the purpose of boosting volume.

    Thanks for your post!

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  3. Jon

    When I bought my macbook, the audio was good. It wasn´t until after a s/w update that the volume is now limited. One would think that if enough people complain about this problem to Apple, that they will respond by UNDOING the volume limit. Why should it require an exra program to override a limit that Apple has instituted?! Any hackers out there found the limit and a way to override it?

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