Vocal Lessons: Week 3

vocals So, if you’ve been reading along you know that I started taking vocal a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that I really look forward to them each week even though it’s probably one of the most humiliating things I have done. I know it’s important, so here’s what I am learning:

I need to breathe correctly, from the gut. It’s becoming more comfortable, I’m learning.

I need to breathe correctly so that I can support the “note”.

I need to open my mouth more. This will help create a “round sound”. Which is funny becuase I totally understand that. It’s like what a chorus pedal does to an acoustic guitar, it rounds out the sound and makes it fuller and wetter.

Dipthongs; this is the way vowels sound, not look. Example: because sounds like bee-coz when singing correctly (it sounds british to me). There are a variety of dipthongs and I am supposed to color code them on my lead sheets. This has really helped.

Lastly, I sing better when I don’t play the guitar… still working on that one, but we did add an additional acoustic guitar to our band to allow me to “let go of the steering wheel” more often and focus on singing.

So far so good! I can honestly say that I went over and over “Amazed” last week, and it really seemed to help! My wife even said it sounded good (she’s my biggest critic – and I love her for it!).

7 thoughts on “Vocal Lessons: Week 3

  1. mandy

    good stuff!!!
    wonder what my praise band would think if i started bringing rainbow-colored lead sheets to practice!

  2. Tam

    got here from chias blog. i love learning all i can about vocal technique. this is very helpful!

    went to “better than what?” started reading…you had me at “giglio”! love that guy! then you killed me mentioning in & out! ahhh! my husband and I were raised in So. CA. we miss in & out so much! we miss So. CA! i think we would go back and suffer for Jesus there again. he’s a worship pastor here in so. oregon – you all need another one there? oh my, i’m horrible! 😉

  3. voice singing lessons

    Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner

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