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This post got it’s start after reading and thinking about Eric’s little diddy over on his site about professionalism in the church. I believe places have different vibes. Churches, restaurants, retail stores, museums, malls, theme parks, etc. You walk into a “Red Robin” and it has a loud, colorful, busy vibe – you expect a noisy, family, & fun time. Walk into a Ruth’s Kris and it’s dark, the servers are dressed up, and it’s candle lit. You expect a quiet, exquisite, expensive, and unforgettable dinner.

I bring this up because as of late LifeChurch seems to have lost some of its vibe. Now I know this my make some of my more charasmatic friends uncomfortable – those who attribute absolutely everything to the Holy Spirit, and what God is or isn’t doing in the church. Now I’m not one to demystify Christianity, but I don’t think that the Holy Spirit is 100% responsible for the vibe. I’m more along the lines that we do everything that we are gifted and called to do – the very best that we can, and then we rely on God to show up and do something amazing every week. At least that’s my opinion. That said, I believe that there are some things that are definite vibe killers in the church worship service. Some very practical, some kind of liquid – hard to really describe. Here’s some things that come to mind – some that we are dealing with, some that we’re not (and of course this is from my perspective in a medium size church in southern California).

Lighting: too much lighting, not enough lighting (rarely the case), bad lighting (ie 80’s and 90’s colors), no haze, too much haze (or fog)

Messy Stage: garbage, drinks, food, guitar cases, guitars with no stands, non-matching guitar stands, sheet music, cables strewn about (ooh I like how that sounds), YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, or any other colored extension cords, leaning mic stands, non-matching mic stands, mic stands to hold hand-held mics, dirty & scratched drum sheilds, ugly amps, poorly placed musicians and vocalists, monitors

Messy Room: garbage, unnecessary junk, furniture strewn about (there we go again!), crooked screens, unswept or unvacumed floors, anything unorganized

Bad Band/Speaker attire: I know, a touchy subject, yet very important I think. Football jerseys and bermuda shorts say a whole lot about a person on stage. I’m not really a designer but I do know that clothes can either help you or hurt you

Bad Communication from the Stage: no smiling, no excitement, not looking people in the eye, no passion, mis-communication (wrong times/dates/stumbling through things, or worse – asking people in the audience), no leadership – especially in worship music, reading notes, having a music stand in front of your face (having a music stand at all!)

Bad Sound: poor acoustics, too loud, not loud enough, bad frequencies (this is usually what people mean when they say that it’s too loud), bad wireless mics, poorly mixed music

Bad Video: wrong words on screens during worship music, poorly planned backgrounds (are you still using nature stills?), too many words on the screens with a bad font (check this blog post), projectors not filling the screen(s), unfocused projectors, bad signals (flicker, distortion, etc.), bad IMAG (camera shots – too much to talk about in this post)

Bad Flow of Service: This is one of my BIG pet peeves. Bad transitions between songs, and other service elements, dead air, videos not firing on time, bad lighting cues, band not ready at the beginning of service or after message, speakers not prepared for their responsibilities, last minute changes that don’t get communicated to the entire team, announcements that go on forever (another future post)

Those are some that I’ve noticed, and some that we are dealing with. The way I look at it is if we can take care of these distractions and poor planning, we create an atmosphere where there is more freedom for people to be touched by God. We create the vibe, God does the work in the heart.

What about you, what are your vibe killers?

That picture is of a band called dEUS, I just thought it had excellent vibe…

8 thoughts on “Vibe Killers

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  2. WorshipCity

    Oh man, you have no idea how much this post just put in to words what I sometimes have a hard time saying out loud. I would pend something to the end of your post b/c I typically get objections from this kind of talk but let’s be real: yes the Holy Spirit can show up any time any place and any where and worship can break forth. I think it’s our responsibility to create an environment that lends itself to leading people to a more conducive place for that to happen in the culture of my church/your church/etc.
    That being said, this is a GREAT list of the human side of the equation that after prayer and seeking God to show up, we can do! I’m going to print it out and start my own.
    Great post!

  3. Rich Kirkpatrick

    -bad theology
    -bad thinking/strategy/goals
    -bad and lack of authenticity
    -bad preparation in general

    these things kill it for me…

  4. Mike

    Bad Communication from the Stage– This will kill a worship service faster than just about anything, who wants to be a part of something like this.

    Bad Band/Speaker attire– We went way over the edge on this in the past, singers wearing colors that match– the band usually said “you have a choice- red or black, I don’t have sage”

    A little more relaxed now but tasteful. I needs to be that way.

    Flow of service– bottom line, be on time, drives me crazy when people are late, walking in 10-15 minutes is not good in my book, and then church goers walking in late, sometimes through 2-3 songs and welcome time. I have issues got to go and see someone about this.

  5. Ron

    Talking in church during service. Not taking your screaming beloved out of the room. Playing with your cell phone (this one really bugs me during a movie) Bad band attire is a piece of cake compared to these things.

  6. M

    I know what you are talking about Alex. I have been to that church several times and EVERYTHING you have mentioned and then some have really made it difficult for me to return… : ( If I can mention one lasty thing…Lack of a childrens program….great childrens programs bring parents to services!

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