Vacation Part 1

Every year we take a break from the hot Temecula sun and head 1 hour southwest to San Elijo State Beach. It all started well, on Sunday morning. I woke up at the usual 6:00am to get ready for church. My plan was to get out of church ASAP and on our way to the beach – as our space opened up at 2:00pm. Little did I know…

  • We got “the call” halfway through church that today we had to tear down – and we had no tear down team because there’s still two weeks of summer. Summer’s over.
  • We had an unplanned new hire interview after church that I had to be a part of, this is after our “Lunch at Life” event where we have lunch with new Life Church people. I love this event, but it added an extra half hour.
  • So it’s 2:00pm and I am leaving church (mind you, I thought I’d be on the road to the beach by now).
  • I get home and start to pack, we get everything loaded up and the kids in the Suburban. I go to put our hitch in and realize that whoever borrowed our truck last removed our ball from our hitch and conveniently forgot to replace it. So I get out my little crescent wrench and start going at it on my truck to remove the ball to install it onto the Suburban. Finally the nut comes loose and I get to town on installing it on our hitch.
  • Hitch installed and ready to go… Oh no – our electrical hook ups don’t match. Now we head down to Auto Zone. $25 and a half hour of install later and we are ready to go!
  • So we get to the beach at 5 or so and start setting up. Setting up gets chaotic so Kevin and Melissa offer to take Miles down to the beach and let him blow off some steam. Great idea! We get everything setup and are ready to start relaxing when up comes the trio from the beach and Melissa has the “Oh no!” look on her face. Immediately Jen knows something’s up and sends me out to see. I think it can’t be that big of a deal and hesitate. Jen tells me to get going NOW – I go outside the trailer and in the process slam Jennifer’s toes in the door. All of the sudden we’ve got complete chaos in camp. Miles crying, Jen screaming in pain, Macy crying, Grandma trying to figure out what happened to Jen and Macy, me trying to figure out what happened to Miles – what a mess! Well, Miles got stung by a jellyfish on his arms and leg; I’m envisioning a night in the ER. Luckily a lifeguard came by and sprayed him down with vinegar. Problem solved. Jen’s toes were fine.
  • So, now we’re ready to relax – actually we just want to go to bed by now. It’s 10:30pm. We go to bed, Me, Jen & Miles on one side of the tent trailer (thanks Clacks!), and Macy in her pack & play on the other side. 12:00am – Macy’s awake, she’s not sleeping. Long story short – by 4:00am Jen can’t take in anymore, she decides to drive home. That’s right, home. She takes Macy home to sleep and will be back the next day by about lunch time. And they call this vacation?

On a more positive note, Miles made some really good friends and played for a couple days with them before they had to leave. Here’s a picture of Miles, Brook, and Robbie:

miles friends