um… huh?

Wolverine is a Spanish Conquistador, no wait he’s a doctor, no wait he’s a buddah. I’m usually game for pretty much any movie, but uh, this one took the cake. I mean how did they even sell this script to begin with? I guess if you are into the purity of acting and cinematography and can throw the plot out the window then it’s pretty cool to watch.

I could be way wrong though: IMDB gives it 7.7 stars out of 10, and a myriad of Critics nominated it for all kinds of awards such as…

  • Best Actor: Hugh Jackman (huh?)
  • Best Special Effects (understandable if you like plants growing out of people)
  • Best Score (the most annoying repeating string part EVER!)
  • Best Cinematography (I’ll give them this one)
  • Excellence in Costume Design (no comment)
  • Most Original (most original suckness)
  • Best Editing (nope… it was about 2 hours too long)

I hope this wasn’t too negative, but I just wasted 2 hours of my life. My wife told me to turn it off, but I just couldn’t – I had to “finish it”.

One thought on “um… huh?

  1. Karl

    “Most original suckness.”

    –Sheer genius, with a ‘g’ as in Goullete.

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