7 thoughts on “Typical Worship Experience?

  1. Peter

    Are we talkin about the “order” of service?… Mix it up

  2. jen

    I think its important to have structure and planning in the “typical worship experience”. I think people like to know what they are going to get when they go to church. By planning it actually helps to have more freedom… does that make since? …. anyways I think alittle “fly by the seat of your pants” every once in awhile is ok… after all aren’t Christians suppose to be flexible? ..nah… But if it becomes routine I think it becomes sloppy.

  3. Fred McKinnon

    1. structured and planned
    2. I prefer planning and structure, but I also prefer to “structure in and plan” room for the spontaneous.
    3. why does it matter? the old adage says “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Who wants to fail when ETERNITY is on the line?

    For the Kindgom,

  4. eric

    I think I tend to plan well, but many times I change plans at the last minute.

    I would actually love to have a team that I could fly by the seat a little more. When you’re working with volunteers though, it’s kind of tough.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be sitting in a message and hear the Pastor make a point and think, “oh, this song would nail that point!”

    I think the problem for a lot of worship leaders is that their Pastor doesn’t plan well which makes it hard for them to plan well which leads to a lot of flying by the seat… if you know what I mean.

  5. Peter

    It worked so well when I did everything at the church. So you could say that I was likeminded with myself. There just has to be more discussion with “el jefe”, not just give him his cue to go on…. discernment/adaptablility… I suppose there is no clear cut answer but good discussion

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