I didn’t get to go to Catalyst (East Coast) last week, however I did follow the #cat10 twitter stream and watch the backstage stuff. Of everything I heard or read, this statement stood out the most:

People are tweeting the point before they receive the point.

I believe that was said by Beth Moore. And it is so true! It’s so easy for us to hear something or read something, send it out over the internets, and never take the time to digest it and apply it in our own lives.

I know I’m guilty, how about you?

PS – if you want to read more about Beth Moore at Catalyst, Tim Shraeder has an excellent post up here.

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  1. It has happened–conferences in real time are the worst and best. I am not so fast with my own reactions as much, except if quoting a book author on something for myself I want to remember.

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