Trying Something New

Saw something over at Los’ Blog that inspired me.

It’s every weekend for the next 6 months, with a different color for different elements of the worship experience. I’m trying to stay on top of a lot of details and still remain flexible – thus the post it notes.

My wife said, “Isn’t there a program that does this for you?”.
To which I answered, “Yes”.
She said, “And you of all people are not using it?”

How do you plan your worship?

3 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. Billy Chia

    Right now – not in any kind of organized way. Each week is getting better.

    So each color represents different stuff? Is one color the set list and another color for tech? Just curious what elements you are breaking down.

  2. alex mclean

    Well Billy my friend,
    Here’s what I’m trying…
    The YELLOW: Weekend dates (Sat & Sun), Who is teaching, and any major event like, Communion, Dedications, Baptisms, etc.
    The PINK: Announcements & Promotions. We do them at the end of service. Announcements are VERY short reminders, and we do one promotion where we’ll invite someone up to share in 3 minutes or less about a big ministry event.
    The ORANGE: Who is part of the service: Welcome, Offering, Announcments/Promotions
    The PURPLE: you guessed it, the Set List.

    We’ll see how it works. I am using this in conjunction with out lead pastor’s “Schedule at a Glance”, and our own schedule. It’s just nice to have it up there right in my face.

  3. James McLean

    i love post-its. i swear by them. they have helped me so much with organization. i can’t explain why, they just have.

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